Growing the sport, one basket at a time

What are we all about?

FlickLine is a disc golf service company located in the Maritime region of Canada. Our mission is to create a disc golf culture that is accessible to all people.  We do this by building fun and challenging courses, by running high quality events, and by managing disc golf projects of various kinds, shapes, and sizes.

Since 2007, we have been building disc golf courses big and small for all kinds of people. We have managed projects that range from simple backyard installations all the way up to large-scale project management and integrated designs for multi-use parks.  

With over 25 years of experience in landscape and 20 in the disc golf industry, FlickLine is in a great position to get your disc golf project off the ground.  Our vision is to create projects that are environmentally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and fun to play for years to come.

Through the FlickLine signature tour, we aim to showcase our successful courses and the wealth of disc golf talent that we have in the area.  Our tour is made even better by partnering with high-quality vendors and sponsors from all over Atlantic Canada.  We see the potential to have disc golf thrive in the region, and we believe that our signature tour can be as good as any in the world.