September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

2021 Canadian National Experience

Benjamin Smith
Written by
Benjamin Smith

Now that 2021 is well underway, a clear line to the target can be seen, and it's time we share some news on Nationals with you!

The 2021 Canadian National Championship is going to be a much different experience than the one we had initially planned. Despite our unfettered optimism, there is still too much uncertainty to host this year’s championship in Prince Edward Island, and have the entire county (or world) come to our disc golf haven and play with us. However, above disaster awaits opportunity. Instead of bringing the people to Nationals this year, we are bringing Nationals to the people.


On the weekend of July 9-11, courses and clubs from all over the country will host Nationals Satellite Events. Each participant will play in either a two-day, three-round, or three-day, three-round tournament. There are unique players’ packs that all amateur players from across the country will receive. This player’s pack will include—but is not limited to—a triple-foiled, custom-stamped Discmania disc designed by John O. Dorn; a custom-designed, high-end shirt designed for us by Diameter Apparel; an additional disc mania disc; some 'nationals' stickers; and local swag. All first-place winners,from all divisions, from all across the country, will also be entered into a draw to win the Grand Prize: airfare, lodging, and entry into the 2022 Canadian National Championship in Prince Edward island!


These Nationals Satellite Events serve several purposes. First, they provide the opportunity to bring the country together, and at least in some small way, all disc golfers can play together over the same weekend. Options are being explored to use either the PDGA Live Scoring, or UDisc, to have the same “feel” as the women's global event. It also gives clubs in less-developed parts of the country a good introduction into what it is like to run a bigger tournament. Prince Edward Island will host Nationals for the last time in 2022 (at least for a few years), and  we hope that clubs from all over Canada will begin to bid on this prestigious event.


These Nationals Satellite Events are also going to act as a kickoff for the Canadian Disc Golf Association (CDGA) Two dollars per person, from each event, will go to the CDGA to help with the projected overhead costs. Over the next few years, the CDGA will select the host of the Canadian National Championship, run team events, crown a national champion, select representation for Team Canada, certify national disc golf instructors, and generally help establish and grow the game of disc golf in Canada. PDGA Canada will continue to play a role here as well, and have been working in partnership with the CDGA to achieve the goals we have set for our organization.

In the coming days, more information will be released about where each satellite event will be run and how to register for them. To get more information on anything you have read here, or on how to host a satellite event in your area, please contact your provincial PDGA representative, or email Benjamin Smith at

Until then: keep July 9-11 open in your calendar, throw lots, and have fun!