April 18, 2024 9:59 AM

East Coast Disc Golf Tour; The next chapter in our journey

Benjamin Smith
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Benjamin Smith

You might have heard that Flickline is about to become part of something even bigger and better. Well, it's true and we are so excited to share with you our biggest partnership yet:

The 2024 Atlantic Canada Disc Golf Tour

We are excited to announce the launch of the Atlantic Disc Golf Tour.  This newly created pro / am tour will be Canada’s biggest event series.  The ADGT is a registered not-for-profit organization with the goal of running the most player-friendly disc golf tour in North America.  Through a partnership with Disc Golf Newfoundland (DGNL), Disc Golf Prince Edward Island (DGPEI), Flickline Disc Golf, Nova Scotia Disc Golf Tour (NSDGT), and the clubs that represent the majority of the courses in Atlantic Canada we aim to put forward the best of what our region can offer.

This tour will combine your favorite features from existing events and provide a new level of consistency and quality. The ADGT will standardize registration fees, payout structure, player experience all while allowing our TDs the flexibility to host amazing events. Each tour stop will feature well marked OB, quality caddy books, and player packs that are flexible and fun.  All events will have added cash, CTPs and, win your card prizes. There will be individual event awards as well as a season long points series for players who qualify. As an added feature all ADGT events will compensate the local organizing committee, including the TD(s) for their work making our events the most economically sustainable in the country.  

Collectively our partners have run over 100 PDGA events including 10 B tiers, 5 National Championships, various leagues and club events, as well as Canada's first ever Disc Golf Pro Tour event.  This group of individuals have all contributed to making the Atlantic Canadian disc golf scene an international success story.  We are thrilled to be able to create something even bigger by working together towards the same goal.  We are now setting our sites on creating something that rivals any disc golf tour in the world.  We hope you come along for the ride.

Currently our Calendar looks like this:

April 20/21 Windsor, NS

May 4/5 Sackville, NB(B Tier)

May 26/27 Dieppe, NB

June 8/0 Hillcrest, PEI (B Tier) 

June 29/30 CBU, NS

July 2/3 Corner Brook,NL 

July 6/7 Stephenville, NL  (B Tier)

July 27/28 Hammonds Plains, NS (B Tier) 

Aug 24/25 New Waterford, NS (B Tier) 

Sept 21/22 Iron Leaf, NS

Oct 4/5/6 Discmania Open, PEI (A Tier) 

Nov 2/3 Tour Championship, NB

Players will count the results from their top '5' two day events and top '1' single day event. The Tour Championship will count for its own points. Tour points will count towards end of the year prizes for each division. Full rules will be released in the coming weeks. At this time the ADGT will be taking applications for clubs or courses who wish to run one of the '4' single day events we aim to add to the 2024 calendar. If you want to add a one day event as a part of our tour you can find the application form here. All email inquiries about this or any aspect of the tour can now be made to

This tour is set up to be something truly special. We have a chance in Atlantic Canada to put out a product that rivals anywhere in the world and that is something we hope everyone takes a great deal of pride in. We're glad you are along for the ride and we can't wait to see what happens next!