September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

Celebrating Canada - Canadian Nationals Style

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We decided to make a quick post about some more of the things to be excited about for this years big event.

With all that's going on in the world and in Canada we really want the 2022 Canadian Nationals to be a celebration of disc golf, happiness, and all the good things that bring us together. One of those things that we might take for granted in language. Most of the people that attend our event use english as their native language but since Canada has two official languages we decided that the best thing we could do is to have our filmed coverage reflect that. So with that in mind we are super happy to announce that we have an official french media partner who is now going to cover both the FPO and MPO lead card coverage.

You can see their media channel here.

We also have word that similar media channels are interested in translating this coverage into Finish, Norwegian, and Swedish. The more people who can experience what we have in their own language the better!

Our first wave of registration was an overwhelming success. If you are on the waitlist or getting ready to sign up in the next waves don't worry. Our team has some plans to expand some divisions if needed. We strongly suggest players sign up for the division they wish to be in and allow us to make it work. We can't promise that EVERYONE will get EXACTLY what they want but we are very confident that if you want to play this event there will be space for you.

Now that people are starting to sign up we anticipate a lot of you will still be looking for lodging. With that in mind we are very excited to once again partner with Rodd Hotels and Resorts. They are offering our traveling players a special rate at all 4 of their PEI locations. The rates vary based on the hotel.

Starting at Rates for each location are as follows:

  • Rodd Royalty with rates starting at $152
  • Rodd Charlottetown with rates starting at $199
  • Rodd Brudenell River Resort with rates starting at $161
  • Rodd Crowbush Golf & Beach Resort with rates starting at $173

Rates are per room, per night, plus taxes

 For Reservations, participants may call 1-800-565-7633 and request the Canadian National Disc Golf Rate offer or they may book online using the booking code: DISCGOLF.

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