September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

Community Catalyst: Flickline's Contribution to Sustainable Growth

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We here at Flickline have always lived by the idea that the best way to predict the future is to help create it - not that we are in the business of predicting the future. Still we thought it was the perfect time to start laying the foundation of sustainable growth for the generations of disc golfers who will proceed us. At the heart of what we are trying to do is to guide the game of disc golf in a sustainable manner. We do this through building courses, running conscious events, and empowering a team of likeminded individuals to share their passion. In order to put our money where our mouth is we have created a new branch of our company called, 'The Community Catalyst Program'.

The Community Catalyst Program (or more generally referred to as the C2 Program) was designed to help identify community members from across Canada who contribute in unmeasurable ways to positive growth in the disc golf world. The C2 Program aims to support these people in many meaningful ways to help mitigate some of the burnout many of our players feel. So many of the key contributors to our game hit the ground running and go full steam ahead, finding ways to grow the game any opportunity they get. This program wants to recognize those important people and support them any chance we can get. Some people on this list contribute by playing the game with passion, some are aspiring TD's, while others wish to focus on teaching and coaching. There is only one thing that everyone on this lists shares in common; they are passionate about the game of disc golf. Assembling this list of wonderful people may arguably be the most impactful thing Flickline has done to date. There is no way to know for sure what the result will be except to sit back and watch as each of these people are empowered to pursue their passion. Without future ado, please let us introduce you to Flickline's first ever Community Catalyst Team!

Our advice to our new team is, 'Be you, be kind, share disc golf. That is our mission for 2023 and we thank you for being a part of it'.

The first set of players on our team are a part of what we refer to as our 'Legacy Team'.  These are Flickline Players who still wish to play at a high level of disc golf, but through many factors in their life they may not be able to attend as many events or travel as much as they might like. These players all wear a multitude of hats and contribute in so many ways it's hard to put it all down in one place.

Nat Deveau #178089
Moncton, New Brunswick

Nat showing off her two main 'Disc' passions in one perfect photo.

Nat has been a huge contributor to the women's side of the game in New Brunswick (and really all of the Maritimes). As you can see from the picture she has also been an avid Ultimate player and still has one foot in that world. Through her kind demeanour and presence at her local course she has helped cultivate a great culture for women in the sport. She is also an amazing player and someone that we are so fortunate to be able to call a teammate.

Duncan Dixon #14829
Aulac, New Brunswick

The old guys of Team Flickline in red (Duncan Dixon, Matt Sullivan, and Ben Smith) and the future in Blue (Antoni Richard) at the 2022 Worlds Masters / Juniors along with our extended disc golf family.

There are simply not enough words to express the contributions that Duncan Dixon has made to team Flickline. He has been in charge of all registration, reporting, and any other digital task that Flickline might have but beyond that he has been a steady guide for all things disc golf in the Maritimes. His dreams of sharing the game with as many people as possible are only starting to be realized now in 2023. Flickline would simple not be the company it is today without his constant influence and everyday we are thankful for that.

Alan Phippen #127418
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

Allan with one of the many aces at the 2022 CBU event!

Alan is originally from England but now calls Nova Scotia home. Since taking up disc golf a few years ago he has been a quiet contributor to both the New Minas course and now the Waterville course. Alans tournament schedule may be a bit more limited this year due to some life events but no matter where you see him he will be doing his part to make the game better wherever he can.

Matt Sullivan #101942
Moncton, New Brunswick

Matt Sullivan showing off what is probably a post-win smile!

Matt is one of those quiet forces of positivity. His constant goal of self improvement helps keep him focused and his kind demeanour make him a wonderful card mate. Last year he competed at the Worlds Masters and he looks to repeat that journey in 2023.

The remaining folks are all on team Flickline for the first time. Each of these people wish to contribute to their local community in their own ways and we look forward to seeing what amazing things we can accomplish in 2023 together.

Mike Borgh #151724
Sussex, New Brunswick

Mike was one of the driving forces behind getting Sussex first 18 hole course in the ground

Mike Brough is a come-from-away who has found his forever home (hopefully) in Sussex NB. This year a huge part of his focus will be growing the game there through workshops, putting leagues, TD'ing a PDGA event and engaging the schools. All goals that Flickline share! Like many other people on this list Mike is known as the 'disc golf guy' in his town.

Jeri-Ann Brownbridge #180426
Regina, Saskatchewan

Jeri-Ann contributes so much to the Canadian Disc Golf scene we hope she becomes a household name

Jeri-Ann has a strong love and passion that goes beyond the disc and into the community of this sport that has become her family. Her goals for 2023 are to improve her personal game and also grow the sport beyond just her local community. Seeing disc golf brought into the physical education plans of our school systems as well as small communities that are eager to see new equipment in their under utilized parks. She knows that the future of our sport starts with the youth and females. If we can grow the interest of both these divisions the sky is truly the limit with Disc Golf.

Tommy Burton #183338
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Tommy's goals are to teach disc golf in the schools, get some putting programs running and elevate his game to the next level with the help of Flickline. He is another passion driven person who wants to be a big part of the community and help anyway he can to grow this sport that he's come to love.

Craig Campbell #147653
Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Craig is half of the Campbell team that is set to open a pro shop at the fan favourite 'Huck It' Disc Golf Course

Aside from setting up one of the first true disc golf pro shops on PEI Craig is looking to further his playing career and make the Provincial 'Chowder Cup' team. Even though he is fortunate to live on PEI, Canada's best place to play disc golf, he is looking forward to getting off-island more to try his hand at some of the other amazing events our country offers.

Julia Campbell #147643
Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Julia is the other half of the Campbell duo!

Julia Campbell first played disc golf in 2020 and quickly fell in love with the game for its physical challenge, mental health benefits, and inclusive community. Julia looks forward to growing the game in PEI and beyond. She is another lovely soul who puts her time into making the game more accessible and positive for everyone out there even if they don't know it yet!

Brett Crossman #236641
Tidnish, Nova Scotia

Brett is the newest member of team Flickline to get a course in his local town

Bretts home course is the brand new 9 hole course in Port Elgin NB. Some of his goals this year are to help introduce the game to the community who will benefit the most from it being here. Improvements to the tee pads, creating a great opening day event, and having all the cadets in the area get access to the course and discs are high on his priority list.

Kim Gill #203350
Elliotvale, Prince Edward Island

Kim is a multi-sport athlete and an even better human being

Kim Is the lucky/unlucky owner of Kings Pine. Her love for the sport is deep and her goals are to continue to grow the disc golf community in PEI. Particularly through youth involvement and getting more females playing.  She also knows how important is it to focus on fun - while playing, teaching, and even organizing or volunteering at events. And of course, play as much as she can!

Jolene Gouchie #228120
Amherst, Nova Scotia

Jolene enjoying one of her favourite places; the forest!

Jolene's main goals this year are to continue more of what she set out to start last October with attracting new players to the game of Disc Golf in Cumberland County and surrounding areas with her primary focus on growing and coaching Women players. Her plan is to keep her online support group for women, Maritime Discy Chicks, up to date with relevant and useful information and regularly schedule leagues at least once a month at her home course in Sackville, NB and host several play to learn clinics for putting, distance, and tournament etiquette over spring and summer months. She is also currently planning a Canadian women’s tournament for our local area. Other plans include fundraising for new Tee Boxes in the Sackville Beech Hill Course by trying to get as much community involvement as possible with the upgrades.  Eventually she would like to start finding even more ways that allow us to give back to the community as well within our events.

Scott Guthrie #112283
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Scott in his happy place; a disc golf course!

Scott is a man of many talents who loves the game of disc golf as much as anyone we have ever met. Last year he created some of the most beautiful disc golf trophies you will ever see as he an exceptional disc dyer. Scott's passion for the game puts him in a great position to introduce even more people to disc golf in 2023. He is hoping to compete in even more events this season and do his part to see more courses in the HRM.

Justin Harding #151699
Dieppe, New Brunswick

Justin almost certainly has a disc in one of his hands!

Justin is another one of our competitive players who has his eye on taking down a win the very competitive MA1 division in Atlantic Canada this year. His travels will most likely take him all over the maritimes and into New England as he spends his 2023 trying to up his rating and spread the word of the Maritimes great disc golf.

Ed Hartling #228469
St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador

Ed enjoying St. John's lovely disc golf weather!

Ed Hartling is a Nova Scotia native who now calls Newfoundland home. His goals are to build/strengthen the Avalon disc golf community through spearheading fundraising efforts for course improvements and maintenance of the Confederation DGC. Establish a putting league and a few tournaments in the community. With the coaching training opportunities, and possibly run some clinics for juniors in the area.

Clay Jones #127944
Toronto, Ontario

Clay is a familiar face in the Canadian Disc Golf Culture

Clay has been a quiet force behind the scenes in both the online disc golf community in Canada and at Top Link Disc Golf. His goals are to help improve disc golf courses in Toronto and to continue to use disc golf as a positive outlet to maintain his physical and mental health. Being a great father and a strong community member is a huge part of what Clay brings to the table.

Allan Johnson #205120
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Allan standing in the middle of some of the best of what our country has to offer.

Allan is our second Newfoundlander and just like our first a lot of his priorities are growing the game in his home province by running events and making peoples experience a positive one. Self improvement on the disc golf course is always a focus too and after converting from the Ultimate world Allan has been loving the pace of disc golf.

Oscar Kempe #152271
Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island

Oscar teeing up on the world famous Hillcrest Farm

Oscar is one of the longest playing disc golfers on the C2 program. His start goes way back to his days on the west coast of Canada and he has found himself in yet another island disc golf paradise. His goals for 2023 are to improve his competitive game to a professional level, and to grow the sport in Eastern PEI via coaching and course installation.

Brianne Levia #148969 and Ryan Norquay #71869
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Bri and Ryan in Canada's most northern disc golf course!

Bri Levia and Ryan Norquay are our furthest disc golfers. This couple who own YukonDisc are dedicated to bringing disc golf to every community in the Yukon. From new courses to training and events, they are committed to sharing the joys and benefits of disc golf with people of all ages and backgrounds!

Stephen Lyle
Prince Edward Island

The always colourful Stephen Lyle!

Stephen is looking to be another contributor to disc golf on Prince Edward Island by helping run events and support the growth of disc golf for all people. By becoming more visible online and promoting the wonderful disc golf community we have here Stephen is in a great position to help grow the game.

Chris McEvoy
Miramichi, New Brunswick

Chris looks like our most serious C2 member (although he swears there is a smile under there)!

Hailing from Miramichi, Chris is one of the driving forces behind the new 'Owl's Rest' course there. His goal is to make Disc Golf an affordable and accessible sport for everyone. Physically building courses has become a huge passion for him (and we understand why)! Introducing disc golf and teaching the game through schools and local groups in his area will be the highest priority for 2023!

Les MacFarlane #118263
Riverview, New Brunswick

Les standing in front of the most well used course in Atlantic Canada!

Les is one of the earlier adaptors of disc golf in the Maritimes. He has been another one of the contributors who have made the CDT course such a wild success. Les is on track to grow the game at home and beyond and can be found competing in many of our community events.

Johnny Majensky #236393
Riverview, New Brunswick

Johnny showing off his matching outfit and putter!

Johnny is another one of our super passionate players who fell in love with the game after his first throw. His goals are simple; introduce as many people as possible to disc golf and show them why it is so wonderful!

Alex McDonald #170078
Erbs Cove, New Brunswick

Alex standing in front of the most famous disc golf course in the world!

Alex has some pretty simple goals for 2023 - take down an MA1 title and be more visible in the disc golf community. Flickline can help with the second part, the first part is up to him!!

Tony MacDonald #113382
Moncton, New Brunswick

Tony looking sharp and clean!!

Tony MacDonald is a devoted player from one of our most active clubs, The Dieppe Disc Demons. His main goals are to compete at his highest level this year as he turns his sights towards a career in the Masters division.

Anthony Millar #164730
Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island

Another one of the many gems on PEI!

Anthony's goals for 2023 are to develop a new course on PEI at a provincial park, continue to promote disc golf to his community, friends and schools! And like a lot of the 'dad' disc golfers out there he is excited to have his 4 year old son come out with him this year with his new Dino Discs (light weight just for kids)!

John Milley #191136
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

John was one of the lucky few who got to play disc golf at Gros Morne National Park!!

John is one of the quiet corner stones of disc golf in Corner Brook, NL. He is super excited for the opportunity to be a Flickline Community Catalyst in 2023. The access to coaching training, member knowledge, and affordable discs will help support the growing disc golf community in Western Newfoundland and Labrador.

Alex Mitchell #191601
Union Corner, Prince Edward Island

Alex showing off that podium smile!

Another Islander on the C2 team Alex has goals this season to continue to compete/grow in the tournament scene on PEI and throughout the maritimes. He is working towards being a more visible member in the community (being able to answer questions, knowledge of rules), and trying do his part in helping run events. Alex would also like to be a part of a course opening/creation on the island! (and we are certain we can make that happen!) Like many of our members he is excited to get the Level 1 training course and start to get more discs/baskets in the schools on PEI!

Nicole Murphy #224299
Suffolk, Prince Edward Island

Nicole showing off her fancy bag that she won at last years National Championship!

Nicole is one of the newer players on our team who only found disc golf recently but she has taken to the game completely. Her devotion to growing the female side of disc golf and making the game more enjoyable for her card mates are just a small part of what makes her so fantastic. She is another one of the reasons female disc golf in PEI is poised to make real strides forward in 2023. Not only that but Nicole wishes to compete more off-island this year and get to know the wider disc golf community in Atlantic Canada and beyond!

Bryan Neary #172671
Passekeag, New Brunswick

Bryan standing in front of the famous 'Duncan Falls' hole.

In 2023 Bryan would like to grow the sport of disc golf by being an active member in the community and assisting with the Saint John course installation. He is one of the hardest working volunteers out there who is constantly investigating other locations for possible disc golf courses. This year it is his goal to run a few clinics in the summer for youths in the community with the use of the coaching program.

Nick Taylor #217121
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

Nick looking his most professional!

Nick is the last of our Newfoundlanders on the C2 team. He is a wonderful athlete who looks to make a big leap forward in competitive play in 2023. Now living in Ontario Nick is trying to introduce as many of his peers to the game of disc golf as he can. Now that his home town of Corner Brook NL has a disc golf course there is a pretty good chance you will find him there.