January 12, 2024 1:27 PM

Double Island, Triple Crown

Benjamin Smith
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Benjamin Smith

Although it is only early January we are super excited to share with you some of the details of one of our biggest events of the year!

New Year, New Experience

Over the years Team Flickline has been extremely fortunate to be able to bring so many unique experiences to Atlantic Canada.  This year we are adding a brand new one to our list; The Triple Crown!  This event is inspired by the historic events that ran in Florida during the 90’s and early 2000’s.  It is a series of 3 events that take place over a 9 day time span.  Although each tournament will be considered a stand alone event there will be special prizes for each division winner who shoots the lowest score in all three events combined.  We hope to make it a disc golfer's dream vacation by showing off some amazing courses, great experiences, and lots of disc golf.

The First Island off the tee

Is Cape Breton island, the home of the now legendary CBU event (aka disc golf summer camp for grown ups).  Cape Breton has a long and rich history of kind people, great music, and magic vistas, especially throughout the Cabot Trail.  Lucky for us they also have great disc golf!  The CBU course was the first DiscGolfCourse in the Provinces of Canada.  It is a short technical course that is full of fun shots, tricky lines, and more than one chance at an ace.  Every year our event here features a ConnectFORE-nament and a wonderful Saturday night players party.  This year will be no exception.

Second Island, more water and all the fun you can handle.

If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing all the majestic beauty that is Newfoundland, make this the reason you do. Although we are not paid to promote the Island in any way, if the opportunity came along we would.  Newfoundland is home to breathtaking scenery, rocky coast lines, more moose than you can count, and without a doubt the greatest people on earth.  Our Flickline stops will focus on the west coast of the island (aka the BEST coast).  The two courses we will be playing are located in Corner Brook, a city of just under 20,000 people that sits on the edge of the Humber River and Stephenville, which boasts the title of having the first public disc golf course in Newfoundland.

Top of quarry hole in Corner Brook

In all of the projects Flickline has ever done no property has come close to the site of the Corner Brook Disc Golf Course.  Currently this course is a 21 hole gem that has a short ‘Blue’ loop and longer ‘quarry run’.  The property has 500 acres and is suitable for a 72 hole complex that could be among the best disc golf sites in the world.  As of right now we are limited by budget constraints, but the dream always remains that if more come-from-aways show up and play this course that the city will realize what they have and invest accordingly. Traveling players (and tourists of all kinds) are really a huge form of currency on the island of Newfoundland.  Although it feels like it is far away it’s really not.  Although population density is low on the island, travel is fairly straightforward.  The trans canada highway runs the circle of the island and you won’t see much traffic.  We suggest taking the side roads whenever you have time.  Gros Mourne National Park is truly a Canadian treasure, and if time allows making the trip there is a worthwhile experience.  Between our two featured cities there are tones of adventures close by that we highly recommend; including Port au Port near Stephenville and Blow Me Down Provincial Park outside of Corner Brook.

The final event of our triple crown will be played on Newfoundlands toughest course; the Whaleback.  This 18 hole Championship level course is located on the Whaleback Cross Country Ski Club lands.  It was the dream destination when we first landed on Newfoundland's west coast in 2020.  There is an incredible amount of mature yellow birch trees on this prosperity that make it feel almost tropical.  The holes here are technical but fair, and the fact that the ski club has wide open, corridor trails that are the perfect size and shape for disc golf holes is a match made in heaven.  Not only that but the finishing hole here is among the hardest, most technical holes Flickline has ever designed.  It is everything you want in a tournament disc golf course.

Just an example of some of the lush forest in Stephenville.  Don't worry we mulched some fairways after this picture was taken.

Details on what you can expect

Our triple crown series will all be 2 day - 3 round events starting at CBU on Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th.  Lodging will be available on site at the CBU residence.  Details on how to secure lodging for both Cornerbrook and CBU will go public when registration is live in early March.  The second event will be held in Corner Brook Wednesday July 3 and Thursday July 4th.  Lodging will be available through Memorial University Campus at Grenfell located about 5 minutes from the course.  When our tour moves to the last stop in Stephenville, Saturday July 6 and Sunday the 7th there will be free camping available to anyone who wishes to use it right on the course.  There is access there to bathrooms, water, and a kitchen to cook in as well as boasting ample room to pitch a tent and have campfires. The weather in the area at this time of year is usually around 20 degrees C but can range from hot and dry to wet and cool in a matter of minutes.  Packing extra socks and at least one warm sweater will certainly help.

Each event will have its own players packs, prizes, and division specific layouts.  If players can only take part in 1 or 2 events we still strongly suggest that you do, but for those competing in all 3 events there will be some wonderful prizes for those people who finish the fewest shots over the 3 events.  

We will be offering 20 Am early bird registration spots and 5 early bird Pro spots.  The cost for these will be $200 for the AM and $300 for the pro and players will receive entry into all three events plus lodging on the Saturday night at CBU and the Wednesday night in Corner Brook.  In order to secure these spots players must email starting on Monday morning, Jan 15th at 10am Atlantic.  Please put TRIPLE CROWN REGISTRATION in the title and in the email body list your name, PDGA # and division (AM or PRO is fine if you don’t know exactly what division you will be playing in).  This early bird registration will stay open until we sell out of the 25 total spots and you will be emailed within 2 hours to confirm that you have been successful in securing one of these coveted spaces.

Can we make some suggestions?

If you are planning on coming we strongly suggest that you book your ferry ride as soon as you can.  North Sydney to Port aux Basques is the most direct route.  Many people chose to take the overnight ferry and sleep on the trip but others enjoy the day cruise.  If you would rather fly there are flights from Sydney to Deer Lake, which is the closest Newfoundland airport to our events. If you don’t plan on camping in Stephenville you should secure some housing whenever you can.  Although Newfoundland isn’t the world's most popular summer destination the months of July and Aug are still their busy season.  If you can, plan on being in Corner Brook for Canada Day.  They have a world class fireworks show and lots of great places to watch. Finally get practicing ‘woods golf’!  All three courses are heavily wooded and require a great touch and lots of shot shaping to succeed.   Also pack a guitar, a crib board, or any other thing that makes spending time with people more fun. We promise you won't be disappointed when you make the trip!

Until then, shoot a little and have a lot of fun!