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September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

Flickline 2022 Tour FAQ

Benjamin Smith
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Benjamin Smith

Here are our final tour dates and FAQ's for the 2022 Flickline Season Tour Presented by Play It Again Sports St. John's.

Dates :

May 14-15 Sackville Showdown, Beech Hill Park, Sackville NB 'B Tier'

June 4-5 The Caper, CBU DiscGolfPark, Sydney NS, 'C Tier'

June 25-26 The Tuckamore, Stephenville Disc Golf / Blanche Brook Park DGC, Stephenville NL, 'C Tier'

July 1-2 The Play It Again Open, Newfoundland TBA

Aug 13-14 Kings Ransom, King's Pine DiscGolfPark, Elliotvalle PE, 'C Tier'

Sept 8-11 The Canadian National Championship Hillcrest Farm, Huck It, Rose Valley, King's Pine, PE, 'A Tier'

Oct 15-16 Iron Leaf, Lockhart Ryan Park, New Minas, NS 'C Tier'

Nov 5-6 Flickline Tour Championship, Hillsborough, NB 'C Tier'

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - I noticed the event at CBU has been moved to June, is that correct?

A - Yes. The university asked if we could move the date to June 4-5 so that they could offer us lodging on campus for the event as well as a Saturday night banquet. We thought that was a pretty good idea so after asking some of the other local events to switch dates with us, we made the decision to move things around. We feel this new dates gives us the opportunity to offer our players a unique experience on campus.

Q - What exactly is the tour and do I have to play multiple events?

A - The Flickline Tour is simply a way to celebrate disc golf in our four Atlantic provinces. It allows us as a company to run quality events with strong support from local sponsors and a high level of enjoyment for players. A player can choose to play in one event, a few, or all. Each event will have its own prizes and a player pack who's value exceeds the cost of entrance. For season long tour points, players must play in at least five of the eight events.

Q - When will registration open for each event?

A - For all events other than Nationals, registration will open four weeks in advance of the event on a Tuesday.

For Nationals, there will be a tiered registration beginning Monday, February 28, 2022 at 7pm AST. A separate information page will be posted for Nationals.

Q - How many rounds do we play for normal tour events?

A - For all tour events players will play three full rounds. Typically two on the first day and one of the second day. For Nationals, players will play one round each day for three days.

Q - Will these be tee times or shot gun starts?

A - All Flickline Events will be tee times. Those tee times will be posted a minimum of two days before the first tee off.

Q - Where will I find the registration for each event?

A - All registrations can be found on,, and at the top of this page when they are live.

Q - Where can I find the refund policy in case Covid forces a tournament cancelled?

A - Our refund policy will be on the registration page. We are aware that Covid is still very much an unknown, but we will do our best to communicate with all of our players as often as new information becomes available to us. For quicker updates, like or follow us on Facebook.

Q - How are tour points being calculated?

A - Currently we are planning on using the same system as last year:

1st place = 25 points

2nd place = 22 points

3rd place = 20 points

4th place = 18 points

5th place = 16 points

6th place = 14 points

7th place = 13 points

8th place = 12 points

9th place = 11 points

10th place = 10 points

11th place = 9 points

12th place = 8 points

13th place = 7 points

14th place = 6 points

15th place = 5 points

16th place = 4 points

17th place = 3 points

18th place = 2 points

All other places = 1 point

Your top five events will count towards your season total. If players are still tied, the player who participated in the most events wins.

Q - Will there be caddy books this year?

A - Yes. All our events we will be producing a digital caddy book that each player will receive at least five days before the event. These caddy books will be emailed directly to registered players. Course maps will be available on the website as well.

Q - What should I expect on day one of a Flickline event if I have never played in one before?

A - You should expect to have a good tournament experience even if you don't play well. There will be a Discmania Tent set up as tournament central near the first tee of every course. Players should check in at the tent at least 15 minutes before the start of their round to pick up players packs and hear any important information about the course. A players meeting will be held there approximately 10 minutes before tee off.

It helps if players show up prepared and have at least a basic understanding of PDGA rules. There will be several players with Flickline shirts on and at least 2 TD's at every event. Feel free to ask any of these people if you have a question day of or need to find more information.

Q - What are the prizes for winning a Flickline event or for winning the Flickline Tour?

A - Each individual event will have unique trophies and special prizes for the top four players in each division. For tour series prizes, they will be very similar to last year. A full update of the tour series prizes will be posted before the Sackville Showdown.

As with all Flickline events, if you win your final card you win a disc. This year those disc will be provided by Chain Reaction Disc Golf.

Q - I noticed that the second Newfoundland Tour stop is on July 1-2, which is a Friday - Saturday, is this a typo or is that the actual dates?

A - Those are the actual dates. We have decided to make the second stop of our Newfoundland dates a Friday-Saturday event to help players who are traveling get home on Sunday.

Q - How do I become a tour sponsor or a vendor at Nationals?

A - All you have to do is ask! We have several options for sponsorship and a vendor package for Nationals. All enquiries should be sent to

Q - How do I become a sponsored player for Team Flickline?

A - Flickline sponsorships are given to players who show a commitment to the game of disc golf both on and off the course. Being successful in PDGA events is certainly helpful, but it is not the only criteria we use when picking our team players. Being a great human and active member of your local disc golf community are big parts of how we include people on our team. For 2023, we will most likely be creating an application process for both sponsored players and community reps.

Q - Do I have to qualify for the Tour Championship?

A - Not at this time, but as attendance in our events grow we anticipate that you will have to qualify for the tour championship in the future. All players who win one tour event will get priority registration for the tour championship.

Q - Where is the best place to stay up to date for Flickline events?

A - Checking in on our website will always be the easiest way to get accurate information. We do have a social media team now and we will be doing our best to have weekly posts made letting you know what's going on.

Q - What can I expect from Players Packs?

A - You can expect to find locally made, quality goods.  Sometimes they are disc golf items, many times they are not. Not every players pack will include discs, but discs will be for sale on site at each event.

Q - Will there be a disc vendor at each event?

A - Yes, Chain Reaction Disc golf will be on site for all of the tour events this year selling discs and giving away prizes.

Q - Will lunch be provided on day one of the events or should I pack my own?

A - After hearing player feed back we have decided not to include lunches in players packs. All players will have a minimum of 45 minutes between their first and second rounds, often times they will have over an hour so there is more than enough time to get lunch locally.

Q - Is there anything else I should know about this year?

A - We are doing our best to provide an amazing tour for everyone who takes part no matter if you play one event or all eight. Each event will have bathrooms on site, and if Covid allows it, a station to fill up water. We will do our best to keep you updated with new information about the courses, events, and season in general.

If you ever have questions don't hesitate to reach out!