September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

Nationals 2022

Benjamin Smith
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Benjamin Smith

It's time to get serious about the 2022 Canadian National Disc Golf Championship

For now here is a brief write up of what you need to know.

As with all things Covid related details are subject to change but we will do our very best to communicate those changes to you if and when they happen. We are committed to doing our best to stick to the schedule.

For the 2022 event we will have 3 amazing TD's, 4 world class courses, and 7 days worth of disc golf heaven for you to enjoy. We can take a maximum of 450 players but some restrictions will have to be placed on certain divisions to allow the schedule to work out. We would like players to know what they can expect from each division so they can find the spot that best works for them.

To start with it should be noted that Amateur Players will play Thursday Sept 8 - Saturday Sept 10 while all Open Players will play Friday Sept 9 - Sunday Sept 11th.

** It should be noted that as long as travel restrictions are not imposed we will have a deep field of top rated touring players at this event.

Please look over the divisions and the courses they play so you can choose what is right for you. The projected courses for each division look like this:

JR Hillcrest Red - Kings Pine Red - Huck It Red

FA 40/50 and above Hillcrest Red- Kings Pine Red - Huck It Red

MA 40/50 and above  Hillcrest Red - Kings Pine Red- Huck It Red

FA 2 Hillcrest Red - Huck it Red - Huck it Red

MA2 Hillcrest Red - Huck it Red - Huck it Red

FA1 Huck it Blue - Kings Pine Blue - Hillcrest Blue

MA1 Huck It Blue - Kings Pine Blue - Hillcrest Blue

FP 40 and above Hillcrest Blue / Rose Valley Modified / Hillcrest Blue

MP 40 and above Hillcrest Blue / Rose Valley Modified / Hillcrest Blue

FP0 Hillcrest Gold / Rose Valley Modified / Hillcrest Gold

MPO Hillcrest Gold / Rose Valley Modified / Hillcrest Gold

Registration opens MONDAY FEBRUARY 28 at 7pm AST on

4 Amazing Courses

This years event will feature 4 world class courses that every disc golfer would love to play. Each of these courses has been improving their facilities to make the player experience the best we have had yet.

The world famous Hillcrest Farms Disc Golf Course has now added a new "Gold" Layout which all FPO and MPO players will play twice.

Huck It Disc Golf has been improving every week since the last time we have had international players take part in our events. Charlie and his team have been improving fairways, tee pads, adding club houses, and doing everything in their power to make the disc golfers experience top notch. Not only that but he has added a short 18 hole course on site called 'Chuck It'. We will be running one flex start here on Monday Sept 5th.

Rose Valley will be using a brand new modified layout that will put it in line with what high end tournament courses should look like. It will be the best version of Rose Valley anyone has seen. We can't wait to show it off. Our Flex start here will be Tuesday Sept 6th.

The newest addition to the Nationals experience will be Kings Pine. This DiscGolfPark course is a gem and will fit right in with the high quality courses our players have come to expect with Canadas flagship event. Kings Pine features 3 tee pads per hole and a wonderful array of shots. It is about 1 hour away from Hillcrest (30 minutes east of Charlottetown). We will have our flex start here Wednesday Sept 7th.

Flex starts will run from 830am -330pm

All courses will have food, water, and bathrooms on site.


Monday Sept 5th - Flex Start Huck It

Tuesday Sept 6th - Flex Start - Rose Valley

Wednesday Sept 7th - Flex Start - Kings Pine

                                    Players Check In - Downtown Charlottetown

Thursday Sept 8th - Am Players - Hillcrest / Huck It

Friday Sept 9th - Am Players - Huck It / Kings Pine

                            Open Players - Hillcrest

Saturday Sept 10th - Am Players - Huck It / Hillcrest

                                   Open Players - Rose Valley

                                   Players Party and AM awards BarNone (Rose Valley)

Sunday Sept 11th - Open Players - Hillcrest

                                   Closing Ceremonies - Hillcrest

Obviously there are a lot more details to come and wonderful things that we would love to share with you, but with so much uncertainty we will leave it here for now. So book your travel and get yourself ready for the best Nationals this country has yet to see!

See you all in Sept