Tour Announcement
September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

Tour Dates, Locations, and Information

Benjamin Smith
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Benjamin Smith

Tour dates and locations are listed below, followed by some general rules for the tour.

April 24: Clifton Estates DCG (Windsor, NS) / Beech Hill Park DCG (Sackville NB) / Huck-it (Middleton, PE)

****April 25: Lockhart Ryan DGC (New Minas, NS)**** This will no longer be an official tour stop due to restricted travel

May 15/16: Beech Hill Park DGC (MDGA MAJOR; Sackville, NB)

June 5/6: Hillsborough DGC (Hillsborough, NB)

June 19: Rose Valley (Breadalbane, PE)

July 8-11: Canadian National Championship (Bonshaw and Middleton, PE)

July 18: Blanche Brook Park DGC (Stephenville, NL)

July 24: temporary course (Pippy Park, St. John's, NL)

Sept 18: Huck-it (Middleton, PE)

Oct 2/3: Iron Leaf (MDGA MAJOR; Lockhart Ryan DGC, New Minas, NS)

Oct 16/17: Mill River Open (Mill River, PE)

Nov 6/7: Tour Championship (MDGA MAJOR; Wallace River Golf Course, Wallace, NS)

The tour itself will have a year-long point system that will be tracked and displayed on our website ( Players can use their best six finishes for their overall tour points. The point system is as follows:

1st place = 25 points

2nd place = 23 points

3rd place = 21 points

4th place = 20 points

5-8th places = 18 points

9-12th places = 16 points

13-16th places = 14 points

17-20th places = 12 points

All other places = 10 points

In order to qualify for end-of-the-year prizes, players must play in at least four events in the same division.

Payouts for open divisions will be as followed:

Numbers of players who cash / Total number of players in the division


















For all AM divisions, trophies will be awarded for the top 4 places.

Each player who wins their card on the final round of each event will win prizes.

For all Open divisions, the top 3 places will have trophies, in addition to cash winnings.

For every event, the winner of each division will be give a 24-hour advanced registration for the Tour Championship. After that 24-hour window, the remaining spots will be offered to the public.

In the event of a tie, the player who plays the most events will win. If it is still tied, then the player with the most first-place finishes wins. In the event that it is still tied, then the player with the best placement at the Tour Championship will win. If, for some crazy reason, each of those scenarios still results in a tie, then the tied players will play a sudden-death playoff starting at hole #1 on the Tour Championship.

All events are currently undertaking COVID-19 measures to ensure everyone's safety. Spectators are allowed in a very limited capacity. Please check your local and provincial guidelines before spectating any event, and be sure to check in with the Tournament Director (TD) when you arrive in order for the organizers to have an accurate headcount.

When you are on site, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure cell phones are set to silent or vibrate.
  • Ensure camera shutters are silent, or are not used until after the players release their shots. Please refrain from using your camera’s flash.
  • Please refrain from standing in the players’ lines of sight.
  • Please remain silent while players are throwing, or are preparing to throw.
  • Please keep socially distanced (i.e., at least 6 ft apart).
  • Please refrain from asking players for autographs during a round.

With the influx of new people playing and watching the game, we hope that these guidelines will serve as a reminder of good event practices, and will help shape disc golf's future in the Atlantic region.