Discmania Open
September 3, 2023 8:43 PM

Welcome to the Discmania Open

Benjamin Smith
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Benjamin Smith

Welcome to your one stop destination for all things Discmania Open. We here at Flickline are honoured to be in the position to host Canada's first ever Disc Golf Pro Tour Silver Series event. This spectacular event has come together through years of hard work and dedication to growing the game of disc golf in Atlantic Canada and we could not be more pleased to once again invite the world to our shores! We will update this site regularly with information on the courses, side events, qualifier events, and details on the main event itself. Here are the Q&A's so far for what our team has planned. Enjoy!

Q - Remind us again what exactly is the Discmania Open?

A - The Discmania Open the North America's signature Discmania event. It will feature several DiscGolfPark courses as well as some amazing local courses for players of a multitude of divisions. The MPO and FPO players will play all three of their rounds on the newly redesigned Rose Valley DiscGolfPark course. This course will feature distinct layouts for both the MPO and FPO divisions. All other divisions will play rounds at a variety of courses all over PEI. Am players can expect a great seven days of disc golf, including three days of official competition, amazing Discmania discs, and a wonderful dose of east coast hospitality.

Q- And what dates does this event span?

A - The 'official' rounds for the DGPT Silver Series (MPO/FPO) are Friday, September 8 - Sunday, September 10, 2023. All other divisions play Thursday, September 7 - Saturday, Septemver 9, 2023.

There are other very exciting disc golf activities happening all throughout the week starting on Monday, September 4 with a brand new Canadian Nationals Doubles Championship. Flex starts will also be offered at some of the participating courses on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There will also be a skills competition held during the week at a brand new location. More details on all of these extra events will be made public in the coming weeks.

Q - When does registration open for the main event?

A - Registration opens on March 10, 2023 - this includes the first tier for the DGPT (Pro Side) as well as ALL OTHER DIVISIONS, all ratings (Am Side). Below is a table with the tiers and timelines:

Reg Tier 1                      Reg Tier 2                    Reg Tier 3                        Reg Tier 4

1000+/900+                 970+/870+                    935+/835+                      Open FPO

3/10/2023                    3/17/2023                      5/5/2023                        5/12/2023

Q - Do you have suggestions on where we should stay?

A - In the past, Rodd Resorts across the province have offered us discounts. Those details are being worked on again this year and we expect to announce something in the early February.

The capital city of Charlottetown is centrally located between all of the island courses. Most travelling players typically chose to stay in oceanfront cottages all over the island.  

We suggest looking at your course list and finding something that works for you. We suggest booking your cottage early as possible as PEI is summer tourist destination.

Bookmark: We have put together a Google Map of locations we know so far and will continue to update it.

Q - We heard last year PEI was hit with a pretty bad storm. How will that effect this event?

A - It's true that in late September last year PEI was hit with its biggest storm in recent history - Hurricane Fiona. The storm impacted every course on the Island in some way. Both Hillcrest Farms Disc Golf Course and Kings Pine were decimated, but both courses are deep into the process of rebuilding. Huck It was hit hard and Rose Valley suffered some damages. Both of these courses are doing their individual work to be fully ready by early summer. The exact layouts for all of our event courses might not be ready until August, but we are putting our full efforts towards creating amazing new layouts and courses.

Q - What if a course isn't ready in time?

A - Although this is a fair and valid question, we feel we will be able to make enough progress throughout the year to satisfy all the criteria to make safe and championship level layouts for our event. We do have options and back up plans and if each of the courses do not pass through the check points of progress, we will communicate that to our players as early as we can so that they can make informed decisions about their travel.

Q - Do you have a rough list of what course each division will play?

A - As it stands right now** our course list is: 

MPO / FPO - Rose Valley

MA1 / FA1, MP40 / 50, FP40 / 50 - Kings Pine / Huck it / Kings Pine

MA2 / FA2 - Huck It / Kings Pine / Huck it

MA40 / FA40, JR, All Other Masters - Glenaladale* / Kings Pine / Glenaladale

** Some of these divisions may incur minor changes as things progress but we will update this page regularly.

Q - I notice that Hillcrest is not on this list, will it be used for this event?

A - As heartbreaking as it is for our organizing committee this year, Hillcrest will not be available for us to use. If it is rebuilt in time, we strongly suggest that every player take a few hours to play it while they are here. We tried our best to include in the official event but could not come to an agreement on how to showcase it this year. We certainly hope that in the future this course could become available to us again. We are certain this will disappoint a lot of traveling players and we understand that. All we can do is to make our other courses as amazing as they can be. The new Rose Valley layout is by far its best yet and we have high hopes that all of the islands courses will be incredible for this year's competition.

Q - While I am on PEI what else should I consider doing?

A - Aside from possibly being Canada's best province to play disc golf, PEI is also well known for its incredible seafood, breathtaking beaches, and general laidback atmosphere making for a wonderful vacation land. Tourism PEI is a great resource to find lots of the amazing things to do. The first thing everyone should do is stop at the Handpie Company for a world famous Handpie!

Q - If I wish to attend this event as a spectator, is that possible?

A - Yes, spectators are welcome throughout the event. For the MPO/FPO portion, all spectating passes are sold through the DGPT. For all other divisions, spectating is free. If you are playing, you will receive a free spectator pass.

Q - Is there anything else we should know before we make the trip?

A - Just know that our group is working hard behind the scenes to try and cultivate the best disc golf experience we can offer. Some amazing pros have already listed the Discmania Open as one of the events they are excited to attend. We try our best to blend world class disc golf with amazing visitor experiences. This is a wonderful trip for disc golfers and those who just want to enjoy one of the worlds truly beautiful places. We hope that as many people as possible take in the beauty of what we have to offer.

We thank you again for being a part of this.